How to Plan for the Perfect Ecofriendly Vacation

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If you are planning to travel by road or jet set to another country to enjoy the white sandy beaches or for a safari in the wild, then its best to plan your trip to be an eco friendly one. Whether you are a seasoned environmentalist, a doctor, an engineer or a teacher, its never too late too start saving the Earth.

Environmental experts have raised warning bells regarding the high levels of carbon in the atmosphere. The high levels of carbon have been contributed by the increase of pollution from airplanes, cars, industries and even ships.

In order to contribute to less carbon emission, you can eco-travel during your vacation to your next destination.

Below is how to plan for the perfect eco-friendly vacation.

Choose an eco-friendly destination

It is important to remember that a vacation doesn’t have to be a consumption-fest. What many people don’t know is that there are vacation destinations that have relatively low impact but also offer high quality experiences. As a family, you can still be able to enjoy all pleasures like playing on the beach without tossing all your eco-friendly principles out of the window.

Below are some vacation spots that are eco-friendly: Yucatan in Mexico, Alaska in North America, Costa Rica, Nova Scotia, Ecuador and Santa Cruz Island in California. These destinations have micro climates, beautiful sandy beaches, green rolling hills and other areas of interest that you and your family will get to enjoy.

Choose an eco-friendly mode of transportation

Traveling from one country to another especially across continents may require you to board a plane. Aircrafts are known to be the largest contributors to the release of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. If it’s a must to travel by air, you can compensate when you land by choosing eco-friendly transport to move around.

You have several options to pick from starting with bicycles, eco-friendly cars, buses, trains and even on foot. It will not only allow you to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions but it will be a great form exercise as well as a way of sightseeing the local area.

Choose eco-friendly accommodations

Hotels and fully furnished apartments for rent have decided to become eco-friendly all in the goal of reducing carbon emissions to the atmosphere. All you need to do is research on the hotel website or even query the support staff to know if the hotel is eco-friendly.

You can also watch for infrastructures like wind or solar energy which help to heat, cool and even power the hotel. Does the hotel recycle their waste? This and many other points will help you to choose the right hotel.

Spend time in nature

In order to contribute to low carbon emissions, you can opt to camp for the better part of your vacation. Majority of countries offer visitors camping sites where they can get to stay in tents, eat local foods as well as recycle any waste that has been produced.

Visiting national parks is another great way of staying green during your vacation. You will get to contribute to the upkeep of the park through park fees.

Eat local farm produce food

If you are looking to reduce carbon emissions even by a small percentage, you can opt to eat local organic food in local restaurants and hotels. Majority of restaurants and hotels worldwide are making this information available via their websites and even their apps.

Majority of farmers today have adopted green house farming which has been found to be a major contributor to production of green house gases like methane. Eating local organic food will not only help to reduce carbon emissions but it will ensure you get to eat fresh and tastier meals too.

In conclusion, if you are planning an vacation soon, you need to make it eco-friendly. Planning a perfect eco-travel vacation is easy and all you need to do is choose an eco-friendly mode of transport, stay in camps, stay in green hotels and eat local organic foods among others.

Stay ECO No Matter What

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Eco friendly Destination Countries

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Travelling in ecofriendly countries can be the most fulfilling exciting experience. Eco tourism has gain most popularity among many countries. Eco travel is a responsible travel to natural areas with appeal on local cultures and wilderness adventures. Why should we care about nature when traveling? Well, the advancement of technology and information has enabled the ability to travel to very remote areas of the world where man has not spoilt or has conserved the beauty of the nature by sustaining an ecofriendly environment. Eco travel is not only where you go out and have fun with friends and family, but also to see what nature has in store for us, at one time or another people need a different environment and the eco-travel is best way to spend a holiday. It is a flexible concept some might say. Let us find out on the most eco-friendly countries, actually top five.


Did you know that Switzerland has been the best country for eco-travel since 2012. This is incredible amazing! It has been ranked the best according to EPI because it is at the forefront on the environment management. Switzerland has remained eco-friendly destination due to their tough, forward thinking green legislation and public awareness. It has addressed air, climate change, biodiversity, forest and has organization to take care of them.

For nature lovers Switzerland is the best eco-travel destination at WhitePod resorts, Igloo Village among others. I know you will love this it has the cleanest water in the world!


At has been ranked the second best after Switzerland in the year 2014. Why travel at this country? It has greatly improved in agriculture and air quality. Air pollution has decreased at 26.57% with strict pesticides regulation policies. Tour the country and experience their large array of historical and cultural sites. The Ardennes dense forest of fine conifer surrounding the country it is a paradise for walkers, cyclists and cross-country skiing. It is regard as an icon of contemporary art with unique artistic concept Musee d’art Grand-duc jean (MUDAM) reflected on the churches, and buildings. Visit the Kitcherbg plateau!


It has regarded as the best country on health impacts such as child mortality. Discover that Australia is an eco- travel destination. Explore their attractions, food and wine. It is a continent, country surrounding by pacific, and Indian Ocean giving you an opportunity water sports and shark park diving. The iconic destinations for memorable times are Great Barrier Reef, great ocean road, Kimberley, Australian Alps. With its vast and varied landscapes, unique wildlife and white-sand beaches makes it a travel heaven!


Singapore is simply amazing! According to the World Tourism Organization, it was ranked fourth best country for international tourist destination. Singapore harmonic nature between old and new in the cosmopolitan culture visual on old Chinese buildings Chinatown, Kampong Glam with Muslim features. It is the safest country on earth consideration on strict laws, multilingualism and security. Over 50 percent of Singapore is tropical wilderness and nature oriented attractions. It is story tell country for both leisure and business travelers. Make a date at Singapore!

• Why go to GERMANY?

It is a country with diverse with many attractions making it an eco-travel destination. Travelling in Germany has been made effective 100 % biodiversity and habitat according to EPI. You can taste the Germany delicacies that are tasty from fresh produce from the farms. Well kempt island for summer vacations such as gen island, Sylt, heiligendamn.

Green Travel on the Rise!

The above countries have been efficient and it is not surprising that green travel and ecotourism are thier big priorities. Eco travel brings great opportunities to explore and leave a mark at your memory.

The world is full of so many eco travel nature conservation from all continents in the world. We can never be able to go round the world and say that one has exhausted the natures of the world. When you go round the world you find at your breathtaking wonders waiting for you to explore. The undisturbed natural areas all over the world making tourism one of the largest industry, and everyone wanting to experience the natural worlds.

Amazing Eco-friendly Vacation Destinations

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Whether you are still contemplating your travelling plans for the rest of the year or are already working on next year’s vacation plans, there are a number of eco-friendly travel options that are definitely worth looking into. Located all over the world, the perfect destination for everyone is out there. If you are unsure of where to start your search, the following list of the most unique and eco-friendly vacation destinations you are sure to fall in love provides plenty of great options.

For Traveler’s Who Prefer a Warm Climate

If you have always dreamed of going on an African safari, there is no better place to visit. Named one of the 2015 recipients of the Responsible Tourism Award, there are locations in Malawi and Zambia. Rustic, yet luxurious accommodations combined with exceptional customer service ensure your trip gets off to a great start. In addition to going on tailor-made safaris, you’ll visit Victoria Falls and beaches, while also becoming immersed in the local culture.

At Morgan’s Rock, luxury meets the Nicaraguan jungle resulting in an unforgettable travel experience. Using natural materials, the comfy bungalows offer a great place to relax after a day spent getting close to nature. Hiking, kayaking, zip-lining, surfing, and going on a volcanic tour are just a few of the options to choose from. You can also rest on the private beach, at the exquisite pool, or partake in a massage.

Located in Southwest Montana, Papoose Creek Lodge spreads across more than 25,000 acres of undisturbed ranch land and gives visitor’s access to the world’s best fly fishing, as well as canoeing, hiking, horseback riding, and more. Although the cabins are rather rustic, they offer all the modern amenities you could possibly need. As an added bonus, it’s less than an hour away from Yellowstone National Park.

Located off the coast of Zanzibar, Chumbe Island Coral Park is an award winning private nature reserve that includes a small eco-lodge and seven private bungalows that overlook the ocean. Using state-of-the-art eco-technology designed to have zero impact on the environment, visitors have the opportunity to explore the coral reef sanctuary and forest, which is home to a couple of endangered species.

For Traveler’s Who Prefer a Cooler Environment

Located in the Swiss Alps, White Pod consists of 15 luxury geodesic-dome pods. Guests move about the resort using dog sleds, snowshoes, snowboards, and skis and have access to private ski slopes, paragliding, dog sledding, and touring the Alps with a certified mountain guide.

Originally a camp for railway workers, Hotel Finse is well over 100 years old, but has undergone extensive renovations to become an eco-friendly adventure destination. From skiing to “ski-sailing” over a frozen lake, there is plenty to do despite the remote, rugged located.

Located in Montana, Big Sky Resort has made every effort to become as environmentally friendly as possible, while still offering luxury accommodations and plenty of exciting outdoor recreation opportunities. Visitors can enjoy everything from skiing to ziplining, hiking, archery, gemstone mining, and much, much more.

Located outside of Prague, Chateau Mcely was voted Europe’s best eco-hotel by the World Travel Awards, while the Piano Nobile restaurant was recently voted the top restaurant in the Czech Republic. Visitors will appreciate how easy it is to relax here, especially when engaging in a spa treatment using its own line of natural skin care products.

Luxury, Yet Eco-Friendly

While all of the options offer ample luxuries, they are first and foremost, eco-friendly resorts that are intent on helping sustain the environment. Which one do you want to visit first?